Begin by setting up your project. Create a project name and select the type of document. This will pre-fill certain fields, such as measurements and binding options. For example, changing it from brochure to poster changes the fields that you can customize.

Fill out any fields that are not grayed out, such as the finish size of the document, the orientation, quantity, and paper stock. You can also choose whether this order should be shipped in shrink wrap.

Next, select your shipping options. You can choose between 3 shipping options and enter multiple contacts per order. If you will be shipping regularly to a contact, simply hit “save” to add them to your contact library.

At any point, you can get a real-time price quote by selecting the button with the dollar sign.

Finally, upload your document. It must be formatted as a press-ready PDF. 

After this, simply add it to your cart. You can now choose your preferred payment option and check out. 

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