Because Mimeo PrintX works with a large network of certified printers across the globe, we make sure that the files we submit are formatted correctly. We check your files to ensure they are optimized to print on our presses, but this may delay production if they need to be reformatted. 

Here are our guidelines so you can create a press-ready file.

Mimeo PrintX accepts PDF/X-1a files with transparencies flattened, fonts embedded and spot colors converted to CMYK. This ensures that your output is going to be what you expect. Your files will be checked to ensure that they are optimized to print on our presses.

Color and Resolution

Ensure the following for high-quality color and resolution:

  • All individual images, illustrations, and tints are CMYK

  • All black text and line work are single color black

  • File resolution is 300 ppi

  • Placed image resolutions are 140 ppi or higher

Page Layout

Set your document layout to the following:

  • Document "setup" to the final document page size, call the "Trim Box"

  • Any elements that designed to bleed extend 1/8th of an inch beyond the Trim Box

  • Page size and orientation are consistent throughout the document

  • All critical text and graphics are placed within the "Safe Zone"

Saving Your File

Save your document as a PDF/X-1a File in order to ensure the following:

  • All layers and transparencies are flattened during the PDF creation

  • All fonts (including system fonts) are embedded

  • PDFs are not password-protected, encrypted, nor contain OPI comments, annotations, Java scripts, custom halftone screens, or transfer functions

  • Additionally, save PDF as "loose-pages." Do not impose as spreads.

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