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How to Manage General Settings (Mimeo Marketplace)
How to Manage General Settings (Mimeo Marketplace)
Administrators can manage basic settings such as name, currency, tagline, and Google Analytics ID in the General Settings section.
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In the General Settings of your Marketplace, you can customize your individual storefront’s:

  • Name

  • Directory Name and URL

  • Default Currency

  • Tagline

  • Default View

  • Google Analytics ID

  • Turn Marketplace On

Log In to Marketplace

Begin by logging into Navigate to your Marketplace Dashboard from the App Switcher.

Select an Individual Storefront

From your Marketplace Dashboard, find the individual storefront you want to customize. Under options, select “edit”.

This will take you directly to the General Settings screen. When you are done making edits, be sure to hit “save and publish” for these changes to take effect. 

Marketplace Name

Enter your preferred name.

Directory Name

The Directory Name determines the URL of your Marketplace. If someone already has the link to your Marketplace and you change the Directory Name, they will no longer be able to use that link. 

If you are customizing the Directory Name, click the “check availability” button to make sure that URL is available.

Default Currency

Your products will automatically display prices in your default currency. We offer 16 global currency options:

  • USD - US Dollar

  • AED - Emirati Dirham

  • AUD - Australian Dollar

  • BRL - Brazilian Real

  • CAD - Canadian Dollar

  • CNY - Chinese Yuan

  • EUR - Euro

  • GBP - British Pound

  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

  • ILS - Israeli Shekel

  • INR - Indian Rupee

  • JPY - Japanese Yen

  • MXN - Mexican Peso

  • RUB - Russian Ruble

  • SGD - Singapore Dollar

  • ZAR - South African Rand

Add a Tagline

Next, you can add a tagline to your Marketplace. 

This is especially powerful if it is an external facing storefront. Here’s what it looks like on the end-user side. 

Default View

Under Default View, you can choose whether your products should display in a list or in detail view. 

This is what list view looks like on the end-user side:

This is what detail view looks like on the end-user side:

Google Analytics ID

If you would like to link the Marketplace to your Google Analytics, click the checkbox under Google Analytics ID and add your tracking ID.

(Here are instructions from Google for how to find your Analytics ID:

1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
2. Click Admin.
3. Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.
4. Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.
5. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page)

Set Your Marketplace to Active

Finally, you can set your Marketplace to Active or Inactive. When you are building out the Marketplace, we recommend keeping it on Inactive. Once you are ready for shoppers to see it, you can select active. 

You’ll see a pop-up box asking if you’re really sure the Marketplace is ready to be active. If you’re sure, click OK.

Be sure to hit “Save and Publish” for all of these changes to go into effect.

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