Starting March 31st, 2018, the Mimeo Digital End User Library will look a little different. All of the same tools your end-users love are still available, from sorting content to accessing 24/7 chat support. We've just made a few cosmetic changes to their appearance. 

Here is a quick snapshot of the changes. Below we break down down each works. 

We've removed the chat bubble 

Instead of a chat bubble popping up, your end-users can now access our customer service via the "Live Support" section of the left-hand navigation bar. This makes it very clear to your end-users how to get real-time support. Once clicked, the chat window will look and act the same as it always has.

We've updated the header icons 

Your end-users now have more control over their library experience with our updated header icons. They can choose whether their content is displayed in icon or list format, enable offline access for their files with one simple button, and sort content by distribution, date, or even title. 

New Header 

Sort and Filter Content 

Enable Offline Access for Entire Library

Choose Between Thumbnail and List View

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