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How to Bundle and Associate Items (Mimeo Marketplace)
How to Bundle and Associate Items (Mimeo Marketplace)
Offer multiple documents, digital media, or warehoused items for order as one product in your Marketplace storefront with bundling.
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Sometimes in Marketplace, you want to offer multiple items within one product for easy ordering. At Mimeo, we call that bundling, and it’s simple to set up on your own Marketplace.

You can bundle printed materials, digital content, and warehoused materials to be ordered and shipped together. 

To begin, prepare your material in Mimeo Print or Digital and publish them to the Marketplace. (For specifics on how to publish to a Marketplace, watch this video.)

Choose to “edit” one of the items you want to bundle. 

Under “Items In This Product,” search for the products that you want to add to the bundle. 

Customize the settings for each line item.. Then edit the rest of the bundle as one product.

Alternatively, you can associate products, which suggests to your shopper that they order another. This way, you can easily direct your shoppers to other versions, such as the black-and-white version or the digital version. 

Simply search for the published item in “Associated Products.” The product will pop up as a search result. Here, you can edit the display name of the associated product, but nothing else. 

Watch this video for more details on bundling:

If you want to kit printed or warehoused items to be shipped in a specific order within a package, or to shrink-wrap specific items together, you’ll need to set that up with Mimeo Print. Here’s how to kit items in Mimeo Print.

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