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How to Run Reports (Mimeo Marketplace)
How to Run Reports (Mimeo Marketplace)
Get reporting on orders, product usage, shopper access, group members, buyers, geography, and more from your Marketplace Admin Console.
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One of the great features of Marketplace is how it empowers you with real-time data on how shoppers use your content.

Here’s your guide to running reports in Marketplace.

First, navigate to the “Reporting” tab in your Admin Console.

Here, set up the filters for your report. You can report on all Marketplaces or on one specific storefront. 

Select a custom date range. 

Then, choose your report type. You can run reports on:

  • Order Summary

  • Order Details

  • Product List

  • Shopper Access

  • Group Members

  • Items by Revenue

  • Items by Units Sold

  • Buyers by Revenue

  • Buyers by Orders Placed

  • Revenue by Country

Finally, hit “run.” 

This will automatically produce the report as a CSV downloaded to your computer. 

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