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How to Manage Groups (Mimeo Marketplace)
How to Manage Groups (Mimeo Marketplace)
Set up groups of shoppers to control who has access to your Marketplace and to set up custom approval rules.
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If your Marketplace is private, if you have multiple Marketplaces, or if you want to set up custom approval rules, you’ll need to set up groups to control what each of your shoppers can do.

Begin by navigating to the “Groups” tab in your Admin Console.

Click the “Create a New Group” button to start a group from scratch. This will take you to a screen with three tabs.

General Settings

Give your group a name that describes quickly who it includes. For example, you could call it “Sales Team,” or “Tech Customers.” 

Use the “Active” or “Inactive” settings to designate whether this group and its settings are “live.”

If you are setting up a private Marketplace with self-registration, your group members will need an access code in addition to a password to sign up. Set this up in the “Access Code” field. Access codes must be 8-12 characters and cannot include spaces.  

Check the box to disable mark-ups if you want to this specific group of shoppers to access your content at-cost. 

Next, hit “Save and Publish.”

Manage Group Members

Add your shoppers by email address. If you want to add multiple shoppers at a time, separate each email with a comma. 

Unless you set up your Marketplace with approvals for self-registration, your shoppers must already be set up with Mimeo accounts to access your Marketplace and before they can be added to a group. 

In the bottom box, you will see all existing members. To revoke a group member’s access, simply find their entry and click “Remove.”

As always, hit “Save and Publish” for your changes to take effect.

Marketplace Access

Finally, designate whether this group applies to all of your Marketplaces or to specific Marketplaces in particular.

If you want your group to shop at all Marketplaces, choose: This group has global access to all current and future Marketplaces.

Otherwise, choose: This group’s access rights to each Marketplace are defined below. 

Then for each of your Marketplaces, select whether the group has full, limited, or no access to that storefront.

If you set up limited access, you can choose which categories in that specific Marketplace this group will be able to access. 

Don’t forget to hit “Save and Publish” for your changes to take effect. 

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