Let your end-user tear out your content for course evaluations, takeaways, and more.

With Mimeo, it is easier than ever to add perforated paper to your bound documents.

What is Perforation? Perforated paper is a page with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to tear out of a notebook, binder, or other bound document.

Whether you want your end-user to rip out a course evaluation or a one-page handout, you can set up your document in the real-time preview.

How to Add Perforated Paper to Your Document

  1. Build your document with each section set up as its own file. (Read this article to find out how.)
  2. In your file sequencer, select 24lb Perforated Paper to each section that you want to be perforated. (Note: this is currently only available for Black and White printing)
  3. Review in the real-time preview. You will see exactly where the perforation and binding holes will be drilled. 
  4. Make any further changes to your document and check out!

Keep In Mind

Perforated paper is currently only available in the standard bound document builder for Black and White printing on 24 lb white paper. 

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