We’ve made some updates to our product offerings and features to make it even easier for you to Bring Your Content to Life: 

Mimeo Print (On-Demand Print)

New Paper Stocks

  • Pink Paper - Call attention to your content with pink paper, now available as paper stock or slip sheets in the drop down menu! 

  • Perforated Paper - Make it easy to tear out evaluation sheets, takeaways, and more with our new standard perforated paper. In the real-time preview, you’ll see exactly where the holes will be drilled in your margin. Here’s how to use it

New Ways to Stay Organized

  • Delivery Confirmations - You will now get an email whenever your full order has been delivered, which means you don’t have to check order status anymore. 

  • Inventory Restock Forms - It’s now easier to send us your SWAG, folders, or other materials for inventory. By including the proper form, we’ll be able to shelve it with faster turnaround time. Read more about it here

  • Print File Deletion - When you choose to delete a print file, you’ll now see which documents are going to be impacted (before pressing “delete”).

Mimeo Marketplace (Branded Storefront)

More Control Over Your Products

A Better Look for Your Brand

  • Your shopper’s log-in screen has gotten a face lift! 

Mimeo PrintX (In-Region Printing)

New Ways to Stay Organized

  • Product Approvals - Now you can require approval for certain products, such as your expensive brand catalog, rather than only by cost center.

  • Address Verification - When you add an address to PrintX, the system will now verify it automatically. 

Product updates like these are the direct result of feedback that we receive from our customers. There’s more to come in 2019, so stay tuned! 

Why do we value feedback so highly? The importance of being customer-centric, here.

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