Ever worry about whether your document is properly setup for print production? Well thanks to Mimeo’s prepress services, there’s no need to worry! Read below to see how we meet all your needs before a file is sent to the printer, just so you get exactly what you’re paying for.

What does Prepress do?

Prepress handles all file adjustments needed to ensure they are setup properly for digital print. While we work on setup issues, we also handle everything that requires adjustments via the system. These can be anything including saddle stitching, full bleed, impositions, fitting to binder, digital media and enlarging to poster size. These different adjustments can result in varying times to complete requests.

Can Prepress fix issues in files?

If there is an issue with a file, prepress can often offer solutions. This may be a simple fix, but it may require the client to fix issues in the native files. Either way, we try to give you the best solution possible so the issue is resolved in a timely manner.

What should I not send to Prepress?

Do not send files and ask, “Does this look ok?” More often than not, we are not supplied with all of the information needed, meaning this takes us longer to complete a request. If there is an issue, give us as much info as possible about how the file will be ordered (binding, size, in-house, etc.). 

If you have any specific questions about files, please reach out to customer care for assistance. Let them know what your underlying concern is for the file so they can advise.

Can Prepress make edits to files?

No. We do not edit files unless there is an SI or change order at the prepress level that notes for us to edit something. We do not edit native files.

Does Prepress offer professional services?

Yes, to a degree and for a fee. The types of design services we include are resizing, minor text adjustments, bleed adjustments, data mail merges (text for multiple business cards, name tents, etc.). If you have any specific requests, please reach out to customer care for assistance.

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