To build documents in Mimeo Print, first you have to upload your files into your library. One option is to use the Mimeo Printer. 

To begin, install Mimeo Printer on your computer. From the Mimeo homepage, select “Support” and find “Mimeo Printer” on the right-hand column. Then click “Download the Mimeo Printer” to install it on your device. You only need to do this the first time to add the driver to your computer.

Once the Mimeo Printer is installed on your device, uploading your documents is easy. After finalizing your document, select “print” as if you were sending it to your office’s local printer. Then send the print job to “Mimeo Printer.” 

Next you will be prompted to log in to your Mimeo account. Simply use your account credentials, hit upload, and the file will be ready for you to build in your Mimeo Print library.

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