One of the ways Mimeo saves you time is by warehousing your items and shipping them on-demand. 

To order your warehoused item, begin by navigating to your library. All your warehoused items will be stored in your “Warehouse” folder. In this view, you can see the item name, the part number, and the quantity available. 

To order, share, or publish your inventoried item, you will need to move it into your general library. You can only move it into a folder that has already been created, so be sure to create the designated folder before attempting to move your warehoused item. 

Once you move your item into its folder, simply select it and click on the cart icon to add it to your cart, and then check out as usual.

If you would like to make this item available to your team members, simply return to the Library view, click the box to the left of the item’s name, and select “share” from the top menu. You will then be prompted to add the email addresses of your team members. 

Finally, you may want to publish your warehoused items to your Marketplace if you want to make it available to a larger audience. For example, many of our restaurant and retail clients use this to allow regional locations to order branded merchandise as needed. 

To do this, simply click the box to the left of the item’s name and select “Publish” from the top menu. This will prompt you to select a Marketplace and category. You can publish to as many Marketplaces as you like. 

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