We understand that sometimes you change your mind after submitting your order. Maybe you ordered too many copies or not enough? No problem! Mimeo allows for the flexibility of canceling your order.

How to Modify Your Order

Once an order is submitted on Mimeo Print, the only way to modify it is to cancel it, make your changes, and place a new order. 

How to Cancel Your Order

  1. Navigate to the Orders section of your account

  2. Select the Mimeo order number you'd like to cancel

  3. Click Cancel located in the upper right corner

  4. Select the reason(s) you’d like to cancel and we’ll halt production

If your order cannot be canceled, this means we've started production. Contact Customer Care with your order number and tell them you want to cancel it.

We strive to cancel your order without charging you. However, if your order has already gone to print, we will not be able to waive the charges. 

Please review your order summary before submitting, and if needed, cancel your order as soon as possible!

Need help creating your document? Here are some resources:

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