You placed your order last week with 1-day turnaround for delivery tomorrow with ground shipping. So why does it still say “processing” in Order Status?

Mimeo Vocab:

Your Order Status will say “Processing” up until the shipping label is created. After that, it will be updated with your tracking number.

When we receive a new order, we run it through our custom workflow algorithm to fit it into our production process. If we are at standard capacity, we will likely stick to that 1-day turnaround time and ship out with FedEx ground, just like you instructed.

However, when our facilities have received an influx of orders, we may adjust your turnaround time in order to give ourselves more time to accommodate that order. When this happens, we pay for the expedited shipping (and don’t even tell you about it), in order to deliver your materials on time.

Because we are co-located with the FedEx North American shipping hub, your order status may not be updated until after 12 am the day-of delivery when we put it on the last FedEx transport. 

We guarantee your delivery date, so there is no need to worry if your order hasn’t yet shipped. 

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