If you need to send Customer Service your files (instead of uploading directly to your Print library), we ask that you upload them to our FTP site.

  1. On your computer, ensure all the files you need to upload are organized into one folder.

  2. Open your internet browser (eg Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)

  3. Type: http://files.mimeo.com/ in the address field of your browser and press Enter.

  4. You do NOT need to log in. 

  5. Drag and drop your folder in to the “Send Us a File” window, or select “Choose Files to Send” and add your files. 

  6. Send us an email at help@mimeo.com or call us at 1-800-466-4636 to let us know you’ve successfully uploaded the file to the FTP site.

  7. Be sure to include the name of the file(s) uploaded and the order number associated with the document (if applicable).

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