If you or your vendor are shipping inventory to replenish existing warehoused stock/materials, we make it easy to now create and print out a Mimeo packing slip. Please follow the steps below to generate the necessary packing slip.*

1. Log into your Mimeo Account

2. In your Warehouse folder, select the items you’d like to Restock -- it’s just like you’re ordering materials on Mimeo Print!

3. Input who is shipping the items (yourself or a 3rd party), the day they will ship, and the item quantity:

4. Click Create Form and your packing slip will appear. You’ll receive a confirmation email of the inventory you’re sending to us.

5. Print a copy(s) of your packing slip or email it to your vendor so they can include it in the shipment. Please include a copy of the packing slip in each box of the shipment.

All inventory should be sent to:
Mimeo.com, Inc.
ATTN: Warehousing Manager
3350 Miac Cove
Memphis, TN

*Note: This does not apply to inventory that Mimeo automatically replenishes for you or inventory ordered by Mimeo (we’ll handle it!), as we manage the process for you from start to finish. If you need help replenishing inventory that Mimeo orders for you, please contact your Customer Success Manager or 1-800-GOMIMEO.

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