Whether you're looking for a poster to put outside your training classroom, a visual merchandising solution, or displays for your next event, Mimeo is your one-stop shop. Incorporate signage into your upcoming training, promotions or events. For example, create a unique event space or place individually throughout a store floor or training space.

The One-Stop Shop That Will Collaborate on Event Planning with You

Identical to the Mimeo Print level of support you’re already familiar with, we are on standby to discuss which products would be a great fit for your events, whether you’re in the beginning stages of planning, or already know exactly what you’d like.

‘Which Mimeo Displays Products Are Best For My Upcoming _______?’

  • Table Throws and Covers ﹘ These are customizable with the capability to print logos, taglines, and promotions. Covers are ideal for event tables and available in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes.

  • Signage - When you need to direct event traffic or call attention to a sale, consider something more durable than a poster; will your event be indoors or outdoors? What kind of real estate are you and your team working with for the event? We can help you identify which products best match your objectives. For example,  a Pedestal Sign display will give your event a more festive look while A-frame signs are more appropriate for sidewalk sales. 

  • Small-space signage - Whether you choose a retractable banner or a fabric-based pop-up like the Eurofit, narrow pop-ups are great for spaces where you need to be flexible. You can use them to label classrooms, fit them into store displays, or add event-specific messaging to your booth.

  • Trade show displays - When you have invested in an exhibit space at an expo, you need to make the most of your real estate. Plan your booth around what your goals are, how much training your staff will have on assembling the booth, and what activities you’d like to host. Whether you’re looking for a pop-up display or modular pieces that feature screens, you can find easy-to-use trade show exhibit pieces in our catalog. 

  • Outdoor events - Not all events are alike. Mimeo Displays has a selection of products that last in any environment. Browse through our outdoor event products for weatherproof signage, wind resistant options, and more. 

  • Full-room branding - Some time’s your brand’s story shouldn’t just be in your booth - it should transform the entire venue! Browse through our selection of large format banners and other products ideal for making an entire venue your brand. 

  • Sales and retail signs (Banners, Flags & Tabletop Displays) - When you have limited real estate, you may want to put your displays directly on top of your table. You can get anything from mini-banners that accent your giveaways to pop-up displays that take up the full width of your table. 

Instructional videos have also been provided within Mimeo Display’s online catalog. These instructional videos will not only provide you with a sense of usage but also a sense of size of each of our products. Once you choose your signage, these videos can also be sent to the staff who will assemble your banners to make your setup as smooth as possible. 

To browse through some of the thousands of products available, view our catalog.

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