When you are shipping print materials to customers, you may want to ensure that everything down to the packing slips reflect your brand, not Mimeo’s. (Don’t worry - we’re happy to step out of the spotlight.)

In Mimeo Print, it is now easy to make sure that all your shipments will have a non-branded packing slip by default. That means you don’t have to worry about this setting each time you place an order.

Here’s how to set up non-branded packing slips for your account:

Non-branded packing slips are an account-wide setting, which means all your shipments will get the same treatment. You don’t have to worry about turning this setting on or off every time you place an order. 

1. Click on your initials from the top blue menu, and choose “Account”

2. Under the “Preferences” tab, click the checkbox next to “Non-Branded Packing Slips” and "Non-Branded Packaging"

3. You’re done!

All your shipments will now include packing slips that do not mention Mimeo, and will ship in plain packaging. Here’s a sample of what a plain packing slip looks like:

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