Sometimes, it’s not until you are building your document in real-time preview that you realize you need a blank page. Maybe you want to make sure a certain page prints on the cover. Maybe you need a new section to start on the right side of your document.

Luckily, Mimeo now makes it easy for you to add a blank pages and sheets to your bound documents. 

Mimeo Vocab: A page refers to one side of paper. A sheet is both the front and back of the paper. A 16-page Microsoft Word document will print double-sided on 8 sheets of paper.

Here’s how to add blank pages:

  1. In the bound document builder, find the “Inserts” menu and select “Blanks.”

2. Select the page that you want to go behind the new blank page. For example, if you want to add a page before page 7, select page 7.

3. If you want to add just one page, select “Add Blank Page”. 

Note: If your document starts out with an even page count, the system will automatically balance your new blank page with an extra blank page at the end of your print file. 

4. If you want to add a full sheet of paper, select “Add Blank Sheet.”

5. Repeat for all the blank pages and sheets that you want to add.

6. Flip through your real-time preview to review your changes.

Note: The blank page insert feature is currently available for letter, half-letter, A4, and A5 documents using standard binding including spiral, twin loop and binders. If you are building saddle-stitch documents, the system will automatically add blank pages as necessary to get your page count up to a factor of 4.  

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