There are times where document orders must be shipped to different recipients. One may be in New York, while another could be in San Francisco. With Mimeo, there is no need to place multiple orders.

Instead, you can add multiple recipient addresses to one order.

Here’s how to place an order to multiple recipients:

  1. Once you’ve created your document, add it to your “Shopping Cart” and set the quantity to the number of copies you want each recipient to get (Ex: If everyone is supposed to receive 5 copies, set the quantity to 5). When finished, select “Checkout.” (NOTE: Do no select “Express Checkout”)

2. When you see the recipient list, select either “Multiple Contacts” or “Create New Recipient.” (NOTE: If you select “Multiple Contacts”, you can select recipients that already exist in your address book)

3. If you select “Create New Recipient”, enter information for the additional recipients and click “Continue.”

4. After entering this information, you will validate the address by either selecting “Keep Original Address” or “Use Recommended Address.”

5. Once you’ve made your selection, you will then see an updated recipient list and click “Continue.”

6. Once you’ve selected the Turnaround Time, go to Delivery and click on “Select a Shipping Method.” After you’ve chosen your method, click “Apply To All” to apply the method to each recipient or, if you want to use different methods for each address, select the delivery date/time individually for each recipient. Click “Continue” when you’ve finished.

7. In the Notification section, confirm the order information is correct. Scroll down to “Recipient Notification” and select your preferred shipment notification settings.

8. Next, you’ll go to the Summary page, where you can examine you entire order before clicking “Continue” to Payment.

9. Enter your payment information on the Payment page and click “Purchase” to finalize your order. (NOTE: If you have a Promo Code, enter it into the field under Discounts & Promotions to apply it to the order.)

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