Document Cloner is perfect for when you need to create multiple documents that all have the same finishing options - such as binding, tabs, lamination, or paper stock - but different content. After building your original document, you’ll simply select that document, tell us which print files you want to change in your clones, and hit “finish.” Then our system does the rest of the work. From one source document, you can create up to 50 clones at a time!

Let’s Set You Up for Success:

  • Document vs Print File - The Document Cloner works on the Mimeo Documents object. Your “mother” document must be built out of a single print file, and your clone documents must use single print files that match the mother’s page count.

Mimeo Vocabulary: Your print file is the source file that you upload to Mimeo. Your document is the Mimeo creation, which includes your customizations such as paper stock, color, cover preferences, tabs, and any other special instructions.

  • Types of Documents - Document Cloner currently works for bound documents, saddle-stitch documents, or posters

  • Print File Page Count - When selecting your new print file, make sure it matches the page count of your original print file. 

  • Library Organization - If you want to save your clones into net-new folders in your library, be sure to create your new folders before starting the clone process. 

Here’s How to Use the Document Cloner:

  1. From your Library, choose the Mimeo Document that want to clone. Make sure it was built out of a single print file and is either a bound document, saddle-stitch document, or poster. 

  2. Click on the “Clone” icon.

3. In the pop-up window, use Preview to make sure you’ve selected the right document. Then click “Next.”

4. Now tell us what print files your clones should be made out of. The system will only suggest “eligible” print files that match the page count of your original print file. If you want to create multiple clones, you can select up to 50 print files at this time. Each print file will result in a new cloned document.

5. Finally, select folder where you want to save your clone(s) and click “Next.” (Note: if you want to save the clones into a new folder, be sure to create this folder ahead of time.)

6. You will then see a confirmation page to confirm your cloning is complete. 

7. In your library, you will now see your clone(s) named after the clone’s print file. You can now use it like any other document: rename it, add it to your cart, publish it to your Marketplace, and more. 

That’s how easy it is to create multiple documents with different print files but the same finishing options!

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