As of December 31, 2019, the Economy Color offering will be discontinued.


At Mimeo, we’re committed to designing our product roadmap based on customer feedback. When it comes to color offerings, we heard from you that Economy Color did not meet your needs:

  • We weren’t able to deliver consistent color results for our customers

  • Economy color meant longer lead time to complete your projects

  • Economy color ultimately limited what you were able to print

What This Means For You

When building documents, you will now have two color options: Black and White or Standard Color.

Do I Need to Update My Docs?

No. Our team will transition your Economy Color documents to Standard Color Documents on your behalf. 

How Will This Impact My Price?

Our goal is to deliver quality documents at the best price for you. When we first introduced economy color, our goal was to provide a lower-cost alternative because the cost of color print was much higher.

Now, the average cost of a color impression has come down, so we are able to offer you Standard Color without a big impact to your price.

Can I Talk to Someone About This?

Our goal is to make this a seamless transition in terms of both operation and price. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss any questions or concerns.

If you don't know who your Customer Success Manager, reach out to with the email address associated with your Mimeo account.

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